Team El Salvador training sessions 2 [COMPLETED]

I, the leader, will be practicing some low passes, touch and goes at EHAM (Amsterdam). If you would like to join my team, and help me represent my country, please PM me. One of our team members cannot make it.
View the requirements below:

Media is accepted if they desire to take photos of the team leader (me). One again, If you want to join, please view the requirements and PM me if interested. Moderators and Staff can also join the Team if they want to.

Ident: N123IF
Aircraft: B787-9 [Avianca]
Location: Amsterdam EHAM
Server: Training Server 1
Media is accepted.

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Again, anyone can join our team. I will be doing some training at the moment

Are you still there?

I had to do something, I am getting back on now, so yes.

What server?

Casual Server. how come?

Want to watch.

oh, let me do something real quick.

What is it?

alright. Ill do some training now.

Training complete! Next training session tomorrow.

I posted some pics on the team page.

I saw :) @Bluepanda900

New Training session starting soon. If anyone wants to join the team, please do so before August 27, 2016

Has it Started?

would you like me to start? I was planning at 2pm

Yeah, I got something at 2pm lol.

Also, you may want to do it on one of the training servers lol

alright lol. I’ll be on

why? (Ignore this text :3 I SAID IGNORE THIS TEXT)

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