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20180326_003212 Team DynamX: The Most Extreme Aerobatic Display Team In Infinite Flight!


What Is Team DynamX?

Team DynamX is the single most extreme formation-display-team Infinite flight has to offer. Consisting of only the most highly skilled of jet-pilots, all of our members are rigorously tested and assessed according to strict criteria.

The result? A flawless performance every time, which will never cease to leave you speechless. We choreograph and fly every display according to individual customer requirements. We can do anything, ranging from simple flypasts to dynamic displays. The possibilities are endless with Team DynamX.

Booking A Display.

If you want to see the team perform at your event, you can book a display. It’s easy: Just send a PM to @Team_DynamX with details of the event and any requirements you may have.

Please note that Team DynamX will only perform dynamic displays and manoeuvres on the Casual Server .This is because we have had issues with aerobatics violations and ghostings in the past.

Less energetic performances such as simple flypasts may be permitted on other servers.

Joining The Team.

Basic Requirements

To ensure that our high standards are maintained, we seek only the most capable pilots. Our basic requirements for new recruits are below:

  • Grade 3 or above.
  • Outstanding flying ability.
  • Absolute dedication to the team.
  • The ability to communicate effectively on Discord.
  • The ability to communicate effectively on Slack.
  • Flexible online times throughout the week.
  • High situational awareness in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Ability to maintain a steep learning curve.
  • Robust character to accept criticism regarding your performance.

How To Apply

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in joining, please send a PM to @Team_DynamX including the following:

  • A brief statement about why you’d like to join and what you can bring to the team

  • A screenshot of your grade table.

  • Your email address.

If we’re happy with your application, you’ll receive an invitation to join our Slack Workspace.

The Checkflight

All applicants must complete a checkflight to a satisfactory standard before being accepted as a member. The checkflight is a practical assessment of your flying ability and an opportunity for you to showcase your skills. The checkflight usually lasts about one hour and consists predominantly of formation flying and manoeuvres at both high and low altitude.

During the checkflight you will be accompanied by a flight lead who will lead the flight (duh!) as well as at least one examiner, who will take notes regarding your performance.

If we are satisfied with your performance you will get to join DynamX as a full member.

Those who do not pass their checkflight may be allowed to join as a probationary member. The probationary period lasts one month. During this period you will be offered extra training to improve your flying ability. You will then have to complete a second checkflight just like the first.

If you do not pass the second checkflight you will be removed from the team and may rejoin after a period of three months.

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thumbnail Team DynamX is an IFVARB approved organisation.


Nice new thread DynamX! Best of luck!


YES! I give team DynamX credit for some of my most fun flying experiences in IF. If you like strict formation flying, this is the place for you!

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OMG it’s baaaaaack!!! 😁😁😁😁

Just loving the awesomeness here. It’s basically the solution to boredom.


Why do you guys have two communication platforms?

Im debating a return… welcome back DNMX :)


Welcome back, looking foward to seeing you all around show season. Cheers!

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We only really use Discord when flying. Slack is used for everything else.


I was just thinking of applying once I renew my pro sub. Thread looks great and so does the website!

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I am interested in joining. However I was demoted to grade 2 due to vios. What should I do?

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