🇨🇦Team Canada🇨🇦

Team Canada for the Commonwealth Games!
Contact me if you want to join.


Pretty sure this belongs in Live by the way.

I’m in!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦Oh Canada!

When is it? I could probably if it’s towards the end of the month, and if I do! Count me in!🇨🇦

Check the original topic.

so probably on the 20th or the 4th of july?

Please make surr you specify “Commonwealth” in the title. The same topics with country flags are used for olympic topics, and we are not associated.

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We need people for our first Event!

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I’m in! Go Canada!

You want to join?

We should make our own logo! I just made a new profile pic and I’m so proud of it!

Why was that flagged.

You can’t use the ‘Filler’ thing.
(In that it was the ‘Got to have 10 characters’)


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Well the Olympics is six months away, and you didn’t specify before that these names were reserved for use by IFO organisers only anyway.


I don’t mind that others use them, all that I’m trying to do is make it easier for everybody.

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