Team Canada Highlights Video

Hey peoples

So we had our first public training session so I decided to record it. You will have to bare with me as airshou screwed me over by jittering alot ill get someone who is better at free cam to do it next time lol.

Click on the link to watch it


What’s up with the video glitches?

its airshou it happened when ever I moved the camera guessing the mirroring wasnt working that well

AirShou does that for me too. :/

It makes it really hard to watch. May I ask what it does?

air shou is like the only screen recorder that actually works for ios

Ah. I just use the inbuilt one.

iOS doesn’t have a inbuilt one meaning airshou is basically the only way

I used to use airhsou but now I use built in QuickTime player. You plug in your iPad into a Mac computer, open QuickTime player (the built in player on a Mac) and then you press start new recording and select your iPad as your input source. It records much better than airhsou and much higher quality. Thank you to @Aadit_Rao for showing me this :)

I would do that but I run Windows :( anyways back on topic apart from the jitteriness how was everything else


Amazing video! Can’t wait to compare it to the Team USA Promo when it comes out. Good luck in this years Infinite Flight Olympics!

The video didn’t catch if I touched the ground on the low pass 😛

no problem :)


It’s quite boring to watch.

it was training its hardly a display it was for people who wanted to see it but couldnt

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