🇦🇺 🇦🇺 Team Australia || Infinite Flight Olympics 🇦🇺 🇦🇺

Welcome! We are pleased to announce ‘Team Australia’ will be competing in the Infinite Flight Olympics!


This year we are hoping to go for gold and take it back to our home down-under…
There are some very basic requirements just so we can keep things rolling;

  1. Grade 3 or above

  2. Must have the Aussie Spirit within them 🇦🇺

  3. Must be somewhat experienced with handling and controlling aircraft within Infinite Flight

  4. Must comply with the rules of Team Australia!

Australia’s Aircraft;

  • Qantas
    Airbus A380-800 (A388)
    Boeing 747-400 (B744)
    Boeing 767-300 (B763)
    Boeing 787-9 (B789)

  • Qantas Link
    Boeing 717-200 (B712)
    Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 (DH8D)

  • Virgin Australia
    Boeing 777-300ER (B773/B77W)

  • TigerAir
    Airbus A319

  • Jetstar
    Airbus A320
    Boeing 787-8 (B788)


A requirement for joining Team Australia is to have the app “Slack” available from the App Store and the Google Play Store. We will use this for communicating about the TEAM OZ IFO (Team Australia Infinite Flight Olympics)

If You Wish To Join

If you wish to compete in the Infinite Flight Olympics for Team Australia then either reply below or send either @bensonb or [I Aussie Wombat] (Profile - Aussie_Wombat - Infinite Flight Community) a PM (Private Message)

Members and Competitors


Got me boomerang in the shed ready to hunt the big prize for dinner 🇦🇺🇦🇺


Good luck to all kangaroos ☺️

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After you guys win (you guys are definitely gonna), are you up to put some prawns on the barbie and celebrate? ;) Also, I bet it will be an AWESOME Olympics now that the IF Olympics Team decided to make it after Global is released!


Laura is quite sure that it is soon - not just soon - very soon! On her insta page 😋😁😁😁 (Global)


You heard it, the legend of CaptainDoomBox has returned. Well maybe first I should get those 5,000 to Grade 3 and buy Live again. Ughhhhhh


Yay great to see Team Australia back up again. I’d like to join!


Time to bring the Aussie spirit to the table once again.
Add meeee!

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The events are going to be on the expert server ;).


Oh ok, didn’t realise that 😬


These are the requirements for teams :). If you’re already approved, you don’t need to do the form.


Where do I sign up?

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Grade 5, West Aussie.


Hmm, need to check if there’s a Jamaican team.

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Hey guys, just noticed that we shouldn’t have the A319 as the TigerAir that operates it isn’t the Aussie one. It’s sort of like cheating another athlete into the Olympics.


Yes but still we can count it as our aircraft because it looks the same (I know some parts are different but…)

I think we’ll keep it


Damn It I’m grade 2 😒

NOOOOOOOO. I bought Live for a month to get myself up to Grade 3 [3,500 XP] and now all spots are taken… ugh I guess I’m out

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All the spots are not taken

Still three left…

So @CaptainDoomBox what do ya say??? 😏

Wait it’s not full? oooooo ;)
Time to do some Pattern Work grind on TS1. Sign Me up!

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Roger that! Your signed in!!