Team Australia 🇦🇺 || IF Olympics

Hello Guys, welcome to the official Team Australia IFO topic!

As we all know, the IF Olympics are calling out for us to participate. Like the last Olympics, we are using Slack for all of our communications. To join, send a PM to myself or one of our awesome moderators listed below. After joining the team, please PM me your email so I can add you into our slack team.

Last year Team Australia was doing very good but this year we would like to improve our team by having weekly practice sessions and helping everybody out so that they can perform to their best abilities.

We have a few requirements if you’d like to join us -

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[details=Requirements]• Must have a valid live subscription before and during the Olympics. Failure to renew your live once it runs out will cause you to be removed from our team.

• Must be grade 3 or above.

• Must be age 13 or above.[/details]

##Our Featured Aircraft:
Callsign: Jetstar
• A320

Callsign: Qantas
• A380-800
• 787-9
• 747-400
• 767-300
• 717-200
• Dash 8-Q400

#Virgin Australia
Callsign: Velocity
• 777-300ER


Our Team

  • CEO: @CaptainDawud

  • MODS (They are also pilots for us):

  • Our Journal-IF-ist: @Mr_Jetstar

    Registrations Open (PM to join). All of the Pilots in IFAU will most likely be participating with us. Can’t add more 10 tags on a topic so I’ll add the names without tagging for the rest.
    • Lucasmacines5
    • Oscar
    • QantasConcorde
    • LiamRAAF
    • EmirK
    • Eric_Jordy
    • Bobby
    • Embraer190
    Total Number of Pilots so far: 17 including the admin team.

That’s about it, we hope that everybody has a great time participating in the IFO and good luck to all the teams out there!

-#AussieAussieAussie Oi Oi Oi Australia 🇦🇺

Thank You.
CEO of Team Australia



This is EXTREMLY organized! Good job!

Thank You ;)

Virgin Australia’s callsign is Velocity. 😉

Oops, changed it now.

Hmm. Sounds very interesting… I might consider joining as long as if there is no team South Africa. 🇿🇦


Hello Team Australia. I’m B777fan from the Infinite Flight Olympics Media. I will be the journal-IF-ist being assigned to you to interview and take photos of the progression of how you’re going in training and at the Olympics. I will have to be notified of training sessions so I can take some photos of training.

Thankyou very much


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Hello B777fan. We are glad to have you as our Journal-IF-ist and I will PM you whenever we have a training session etc.

Thanks for choosing us!

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Oh don’t doubt me for my screenshots, I edit them to make them look professional.

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Good luck in your Olympic events! Expect to get an interview request soon

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Umm what happens in this??

I was thinking of joining this and then I realized I have to be 13. 6 more months!

We were planning to change the age to around 12, I’ll let you know what happens.

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This is a team participating in the Infinite Flight Olympics.

More info about the IFO-


Yep, you can join if you want since you’ll be nearly 13 once the IF Olympics officially start. Send me a PM if you’d still like to join. ;)

so sad that i’m not 13 yet :(. @CaptainDawud can i spectate in an australian livery?

When will you be turning 13?
I might be able to squeeze you in ;)

Hi I’m turning 13 on December 31st any chance you can squeeze me in please?

Hey sure send me a PM please and do you meet all of the other requirements?

yeah sad that i’m turning thirteen in 2018, :(