Team Australia | 2019 Airalympics | Official Thread


G’day, Welcome to the thread of Team Australia that will represent, well you guessed it, Australia! I am looking for both an assistant and of course members.

There is more info about the event here: Airalympics 2019 | Taking To The Skies

We fly any Aircraft with the Red Roo or just any Aussie Airline! Annnndddddd the F22 Raptor.

You should join as you will be able to mix with fellow aussies as well as get the chance to represent Australia.

To join you must have or be the following:

Grade 3 or above
Be willing to represent Australia
Be able to confidently take off and land

If you think you are ready, join here:

Go Straya!

Airalympics 2019 | Taking To The Skies
Airalympics 2019 | Taking To The Skies
Airalympics 2019 | Taking To The Skies

Great team put together, but will there be jets in the fleet if people wanted to participate in the jet races?


Yes there will be!


The games are closing in and we are still looking for many more participants sign up NOW !


Ay bruh sigh me right the heck up


Just click the link and sign up!


The Airalympic Games are just less than 20 Days away!

Support your nation by joining them in the battle for first!

Join Team Australia Here