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Hello everyone!
As you may have heard of the 2nd IF Olympics are coming. The event will be held during November with fantastic and interesting events. This time im creating the Albanian team and im really looking forward for new members to join, and another person to help me with the management of the team! Its easy to join, all you need to do is contact me via the forum, and we will talk about more informations about our team, exercises, training etc. However, you should consider that IF Olympics are going to have difficult and tricky events and of course you need to have experience. So the requirements are to be at least Grade 3 and to have Live. Im really looking forward to see new members joining to represent our small country but with a great potential to this year’ s Infinite Olympics.


Thank you for reading and if you d like to join dont forget, just simply contact me! Have a good day!


I’m in. Will be very glad to see someone of my homecountry flying around

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I think @kuzmanovicborislav should join ;-))

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Glad to see a fellow Albanian and a new member, thanks for joining!

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May the best Albanian win! Good luck in the Olympics guys! πŸ“Έ

Thank you!

May the best team win! It’s not bad to mention to keep a healthy competition, thumbs up for πŸ‡¦πŸ‡±!

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Like I said, peace and bonding.


Thanks for your support!

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I don’t think you should be able to use the Croatian A319. Team Croatia is using it.

I ll ask Thomas about that

@NeperQiell are you guys still intending to compete?

@IceBlue Yes we are going to compete.

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@IceBlue Ok, looks like we are not going to compete. I could not find enough members. We are only 2. If i remember correctly, last year we could even compete with only one member right? I think this year s limit is a bit unfair. Even in the real Olympics teams can participate with 1 or 2 members

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Last year we had a minimum of 3, and we are designing the events to work with at least 3 people.

You can still compete, but this is a team competition; you may not be able to do some events.

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