TCAS Warning sounds

Hey all, I want to say that i’d like to see TCAS Warning sounds in the future in Infinite Flight, For example the climb and descend sound, would make a great addition and adds for the realism.

Ex: Say you’re flying in the pitch black of the night and for some reason you don’t see the anti-collision lights of the a320 heading right towards you at the same altitude. If you could hear the TCAS Alarms to descend or climb to avoid the aircraft that would probably save you and your passengers, but if you dont see the plane and ram it head-on that would kinda suck.

Thanks for reading! :)

I know would love the A320 TCAS sounds!!

Yes, and not only a320’s but the whole fleet of aircraft!

There is already someone with the same idea who has put in a feature request.

You can vote here -

Sorry keep using the VA account by accident.

I think this belongs in #features not #live :)

Anyways, sounds like a cool feature! This would be a very interesting feature. I also believe there might already be a topic for this (does someone mind checking). If so, you should head over to that topic to show your support! Besides that, nice idea, and hope it appears in the sim in the future.

User does not meet required Trust Level to post in feature requests. Ongoing feature request already exists. Please see topic linked by @RyanR