TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)

Hey IFC!

Does anyone know how to turn on the TCAS. I’ve been so close to other aircrafts and I didn’t get any alarms or warnings.


Hey! It’s not warnings or audio much, it’s just a map in the cockpit that shows you where aircraft are in relation to you as far as I know.


Beat me to it

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More information on how it works is available here:


Hey Cameron,

the TCAS page is awesome and extremely helpful, but one thing I noticed (extremely minor) is that RA (red) alert info is labeled as step 7, when it should be 4.

Just thought you guys should know 😁

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Fix is deploying, thanks!


Where is it exactly in the cockpit ?

It’s available in the mini-map or the regular large screen map. It will only activate if the required conditions are met.

Again, it’s not sound, but this may be a cool addition 😏

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Ok thanks!

You can also see the traffic on the ND itself in live cockpit.

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Yes thanks!

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What fix is deploying and what do you mean about deploying?

Fix: Fixing an issue.
Deploying: Publishing the Fix.

What are they fixing. The 20.1 bugs?

No, a typo on the website. Read above.

Oh I got exited lol.

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