ForeFlight has traffic alerts, very handy. (You can connect ForeFlight to IF) Would be interested to see what you come up with!

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Tcas alert you for traffic same as in infinite flight, only thing missing sound alerts. What you want to accomplish in app?

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Wait, IF alerts for traffic in Live? How does it come up in the app (maybe it’s been there always, I just haven’t noticed😂)

You see the yellow and red aircrafts with altitude on the map. Ok in real aircrafts you got vertical glass cockpit and diff icons and sound, other than that I don’t see any diff.

Well ForeFlight has a TCAS system…

What’s diff in foreflight from infinite flight?

Oh yeah, I didn’t really know what that meant. That’s definitely more reliable than any app I would build. I’ll hold off on building this.

Foreflight is an app for infinite flight and real world Aviation

Tcas build into radio stack… it’s not something like fms/c you need separate app for it.

It does do TCAS for IF though right?

I know what’s foreflight…just want to know how is tcas diff compare to infinite flight map alert?
Sorry I know what it does…haven’t had chance to play with it.

Yeah! ForeFlight is an integrated flight app on iPad, iPhone, and the web. Flight planning, aviation weather, maps and charts.

Watch this…

If being run at the same time as IF on an iPhone, does it push notifications or something

Please just search it up

Ok it tells you which direction and altitude. It’s more to do with gui and how they present data.
But the real world tcas is like this,

Only thing missing diff icon set and sound, would somebody have another app running for sound alert?

“Traffic 11 o’clock, 0.25 mile, 300ft below, ”

ForeFlight has those alerts… seen in my post below. (Last video in that album)


This is sort of a loaded question. There are a lot of variables to it: How complicated is your TCAS algorithm? Do you have real-world sounds? Is anything aircraft-dependent? Do both planes have to have TCAS apps?

If you have coding experience, you could probably whip this up in anywhere from a couple days to a couple months, and only have to pay Apple’s fee if you want to market on the App Store.

If you want to hire someone, my PMs are always open :)


Good questions about how everyone needs to have the app for full fledged system. Lot of ppl dont think that way unless ppl knows how full system works.

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Again as I said, most aircraft in the real world dont have TCAS, TCAS still works but only sends the alert to one aircraft that has it and not the other.

Good news. I am in the process of partnering with a large developing team to go ahead with this project. We are starting very soon hopfully, and we will update this thread as appropriate.