Does anybody know how much money it would cost to build a TCAS app for Infinite Flight?

Any coders out there that want to entertain my schemes :p


Depends on what you’d want the app to do. Infinite Flight provides the API for free and Apple has a $99/year fee for the app to be on its store. It’d all just depend on what you’d want as the skies the limit


Cool. How much would it cost to hire a coder to do it? A full TCAS system.

Could it be done for under a few grand?

Shouldn’t it be at thirdparty topics?

Probally. But I’m not a developer. Yet…

Other than FNF you hardly see any other planes so can’t see the point of TCAS really

I would really rather have this functionality in native IF app with violations if not enough separation (except for Fighters). There is already a lot of third party app and phones RAM have limits so.

I think third party apps are great. But IF should have more native functionality that doesn’t requires another app to enjoy it


Yea…but they dont so the reality is, your stuck with me :)

P.S RFS is adding TCAS very soon, so we need to keep up.


I’m a developer myself but in a different language.

I could say that back-end code shouldn’t be very difficult (locate aircraft nearby, compare heading and altitude). Front-end would take more time. Should be less than a grand (depending on your needs tbh, e.g. design, functionality other than TCAS). Also, do you want the app to automatically adjust the altitude as it does in real life?

If you want to sponsor the app, you could talk to @epaga I guess.


Yes. Under a grand is perfect. Also TCAS does not automatically adjust the altitude.

But all of what you mentioned is exactly how I want to do that.

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Hmm , interesting 🤔

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Depending on aircraft, both TCAS-I and TCAS-II would need to be implemented, as well as callouts. Also, if one aircraft (meaning the device used to fly the aircraft) had the app installed, but the other did not, the TCAS callouts would no longer have an effect. Even if both had the app, the two would have to communicate in order to provide the right callouts (as a dev myself, I know how hard this is). Correct me if I’m wrong, but adding it directly into IF would probably be a better idea.

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In the real world, not all of us have TCAS. So it would be exactly the same as on Infinite Flight.

Some have it, most dont.

As a developer how much do you think it would cost to make it happen?

I would agree that under $1000 would probably be possible, though it really depends on how many features are added (as @Artem_F said). Also, the $99/year apple dev fee is also something to keep in mind.

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Well then, looks like I’m going to build us some TCAS…err…at least fund it that is.

Now I just need to find a developer to work with down the road.

And some TCAS math formulas.

In my spare time, I can try to learn the IF API and try to write some formulas (I’m not great at trig and stuff though)

If I ever had the skills to build this, would u want just the callouts (to climb and descend) or other features?

ForeFlight has traffic alerts, very handy. (You can connect ForeFlight to IF) Would be interested to see what you come up with!

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