TCA Retro Visits RDU!

Hey all. Today my home airport of KRDU here in Raleigh, NC. Got a very special visitor. This weekend has been a very crazy one for us. (Sadly, a lot of you guys probably know why) But, today we got Air Canada’s TCA Retro. To my knowledge, this is the first exact aircraft that I have been able to spot that is in the game! I will quit blabbering, and let you guys see the pictures!

Air Canada’s TCA Retro Arrives from Toronto Pearson (CYYZ/YYZ) ^

Air Canada’s TCA Retro departs RDU heading towards Toronto Pearson (CYYZ/YYZ) ^

Also, on the departure shots, I tried panning for the first time. I think it turned out alright but could use some improvement.

Thanks for looking at the pictures!


beautiful plane, beautiful pics, beautiful topic!

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Thank You!

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I want to fly this now

Cool shots there, the TCA Livery is one of my favourite retros!

Sweet shots of the only mildly good-looking CS300!

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