TBMs not allowed at ATC airports?

Hi! So I’m looking at doing some GA flying and want to do it in a TBM but according to notams it’s not allowed? Is there any reason for this?

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The TBM is not considered a light aircraft!

For this reason it is not GA and so it doesn’t fit the size restriction :)


Ah alright Thanks for the help

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The TBM was only forgotten. The will but them in to the notams!

They are sorry for that!

To be safe I would recommend you to not fly the TBM during the time it’s not mentioned in the TFRs.
You should be alright but it’s better to take the great C172 for a spin for example ;)


I’ve been flying the C208 ;)

Cubcrafters Xcub is so awkward to fly that I gave up

They are, I just missed it from the TFRs, sorry! All fixed.