Hey so I was wondering when taking off in the tbm what vertical speed do you guys use

This video contains all the info you need:

I mostly use a V/S that keeps my speed at 120kts IAS.


Since the TBM is a turboprop, it is able to climb faster than normal props, but the vs should be something like 1000-1800 fpm.

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The message above will contain all the information you need, if you don’t have time to watch it, the few things are, V/s from 1000-2000(it depends) rotate speed at 90 knots, and power around 80-90 (depending on weight, and runway length)


Thank you I watch the video but wasnt clear on the v s

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Yeah because the vertical speed at takeoff isn’t really a big matter just make it up as you go👍

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In the video, Mark is using around 2000fpm. I’d recommend 1000-2000 (as @Cjthew91 said )


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