TBM930 Montana challenge

Hey there folks been a few weeks since I’ve flown so I decided to head out to the mountains of Montana to knock some rust off.
This flight posed a couple challenges, one was a 23 knot crosswind on departure from Thompson Falls which became a 37 knot wind upon landing at an elevation of 4800 ft.
In contention for challenging features, the runway at Foster Ranches airport in Livingston MT boast a sub-ground level approach. Approaching runway 7 can be fun as on final you will be dropping about 4000ft in a short amount of time as you coming over the last mountain on your flight.

Aircraft: TBM-930 (Maroon)
Departure: MT69
Arrival: MT89
Duration: 31min
Server: Casual


That airport looks kinda dangerous


That looks like a fun place to fly!

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I want to fly there now! Great job on the first to photos as well.

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I love people who go exploring and find my montana and it’s beauty. Let that be a lesson to you all, Montana is underrated by IF and is absolutely gorgeous all times of year! And no we don’t ride horses to school

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Yeah it’s funny I feel like I have a knack for finding these receded airports. Every time I start playing darts with the map and pick a 30-40 min flight I end up landing in a big ditch after dropping out of the clouds over a mountain 🤣🤣🤣

I dig Montana, never been I would like to Visit there eventually. I’ve been in the farm and Aggie industry in Florida for years so I’m very familiar with the landscape and terrain features of Montana, gorgeous.

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