TBM930 Automatic Autopilot

In the likely event that you are confused by the title, what I mean by this is that the autopilot will automatically engage itself in sticky situations.

So today, like many others of you, I found out about the new TBM930 coming to Infinite Flight. I hadn’t actually ever heard of the aircraft before, and so decided to do some research on it. I was watching a YouTube video where they were demonstrating a feature of the aircraft, whereby the autopilot will engage itself in one of the three following situations, in order to reduce pinto error to the maximum extent possible:

  1. The plane’s bank angle exceeds 45 degrees for more than 10 seconds. The autopilot will then engage and level the wings.
  2. The plane gets into a stall. Autopilot does not engage immediately, but instead another automatic system will engage, recovering the stall, and then once recovered, autopilot will engage to maintain level flight. The automatic stall recovery feature might be a little bit harder to code, I’m not sure.
  3. The plane is approaching over speed. The autopilot will engage and drop the throttle and level the pitch, in order to prevent the over speed situation.

I personally think this would be a great feature to have on this new aircraft. As well as being realistic, it will help to prevent people from getting accidental violations, and will also make it a pretty difficult aircraft to troll people in.

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know your opinion on this feature, and drop a vote if you have any spare and support the feature.

Edit: It is clear to see after the first few comments that people might want an option to turn this feature off. So I guess maybe that could be a thing.

Don’t airbus aircraft have all these features aswell?

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Chatta managed to bring up Airbus. Color me shocked.


Not a fan of this, if it is added I wish it is added as an option. I still want to do the occasional barrel roll on Casual.


They have very similar systems, yes. I made this feature request though because it’s easier for the devs to put it in while still developing it, rather than adding it later, or updating current aircraft to have it. It is also cool because it’s quite a rare feature to have on a GA aircraft (to the extent of my knowledge).

If you read the post carefully, you’ll still be able to barrol roll as long as you do it within 10 seconds…

That’s why I ask, if it wasn’t put on that I wouldn’t expect it to be on a GA aircraft which you would likely want to fly on the edge of limits. I think these would limit our ability to do what we like but I guess it could be disabled. That’s why I mentioned Airbus 😂

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I already read your post, but it just limits the aircraft and if it is as agile as it seems, I want to be able to experience it as much as I can.

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@Chatta290 @Kevin_Potthast read the edit

the edit makes it great! I like this a lot

Can you disingage ita after this? Still love barrel rolls!

I missed out an “I” lol

Oh yeah, this is all good. But is there anyway to turn off this in-flight babysitter?

Unlike the majority of folks, I love to do some low level flying with steeper than usual bank angles and angle of attack.

With that being said, this would be a hinderance and one of my worst nightmares. For those who fly patterns frequently, like myself @Chief305 , and @Kate_Russell , I think this would it would be looked down.

And when all is said and done, yes I agree that this may be a feature that can be found in the real world, but it all boils down to one thing. Pilot skill. If you are in any of these situations that you listed, then you should practice flying some more. Practice and time are the two things that will help you improve. In my eyes, this is simply a crutch for poor piloting skill.

It appears folks need to go back to the basics and start from the beginning. There’s no reason the bank angle should exceed 45 degrees if you’re flying the plane manually. If you are, its intentionally and should not have autopilot interfering.

That’s my opinion. Like it, hate it, but that’s what it is. 🙂


Beautifully put. I simply can fly on my own. If I’m banking 45 or 60 degrees. It’s because I want to. If I’m 30 or 40 degrees AoD, it’s because I want to. I actually love the aircraft, it’s beautiful, and seems fast and agile from videos, but I simply don’t need an in-flight babysitter. Thank u but no thank u. Add the plane, give us an option to disable the babysitter. My two cents.

If this is an option to turn it off and on, I don’t see why not. Since everyone here LOVES Realism, those who want it can have it. If you want to duke it out on Casual, then you could just turn it off.
I would say that it’s better to have an option, since it’s realistic, then to not have an option. Unless it’s extremely hard to code, but I would say that this (except for maybe the stalling part) would be fairly easy compared to the rest of the aircraft, as it would just be turning on autopilot once a certain variable is reached.

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Fair enough. Why does everyone fly casual? In expert I fly VFR all the time. Acrobatics and the like. Just do it responsibly. I’d that y when I’m on expert. No one is flying? You guys are all in the noob server. Really?!

It would cause increased development time from FDS as well as being a rarely used feature.

I also want to add onto what @DeerCrusher said, this feature being on the real life thing is in case a pilot passes out or has a stroke or something they don’t crash the plane. If you have a stroke while you are playing IF picking up one or two violations shouldn’t be the biggest worry.

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Barrell rolls in an A380

That is definitely true.
However, I honestly don’t think that this would delay the release of the plane very much. I may be making a fool of myself, but turning on autopilot once a certain in-game variable is reached doesn’t seem very hard of a task for an experienced dev team like FDS.
Again, my main mentality is that it wouldn’t be very hard to implement, and it would be better to have the option that to not have it at all.
Also, I doubt that this would be a rarely used feature. I’m sure many people would keep this on.

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