TBM9 & XCub Pulse Lights

Pulse Lights that alternate the landing lights on the TBM9 for improved visibility and to guard against bird strikes would be an excellent addition to this already awesome plane.

would you be able to include a video of this. i know what you mean and we should have it. But other people may want to see what that looks like. -Cheers

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I learned recently what the purpose of pulsating lights were. Do you know why some aircraft have them?


is it to deter Birds?

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Save power I think

It is! I found it interesting.


Birds are a pain in the can with GA airplanes. IDK why

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GA aircraft are smaller and more vulnerable to damage

I was just thinking that

But you can always use flex tape


The TBM needs this! It’s an awesome plane and this would make it even better

It’s to increase visibility and help against bird strikes.

@infinite_flyer_21 here’s a poor quality example and it’s not the TBM9. I’ll try to find something better.

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Good cause I just sawed the plane in half wow 😮 you would need alot of flex tape to fix a bird strike

surely the faa will allow it to fly again.

You have to include flew glue and flew seal can’t forget about those when repairing damage from that bird strike

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Let’s keep it on-topic please :)

I found this old thread and it makes me think that maybe the OP was seeing the Pulse Anti-collision Lights that are on the TBM9:

About 3m25s into this vid you can see the pulse lights active along with the beacons I believe:

The alternating lights which look like strobes but it’s actually the landing lights alternating in a one on one off position.

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