TBM world tour

Some of you may or may not remember a post I wrote a few weeks ago about my world tour flight in the TBM.
The goal was to fly the circumference of all major countries including Australia, Japan, USA, South America, Africa, Europe, Indonesia ETC
Was a big goal from the start and wasn’t sure if I’d finish it or not but I’m pretty much 3/4 of the way there, will admit tho it’s starting to get very tiring and monotonous and a real chore to keep going but feel I’ve made it to far around now to just pull the pin
So here are a few stats of where I’m up to
My last leg took me into FQIN in South Africa, from here I’m heading up north to Europe and back down the west coast of Iran, India, Indonesia, west coast of Australia finally back to my home town
Stats so far as of today

Flight hours - 122.50h
Distance flown - 69,187 kilometres
Fuel used. - 19,325 kilograms


My recommendation is stop by smaller airports in the United States. Like GA airports instead of KJFK for example. Just my opinion you don’t have to change it.

This looks like one great adventure!
The TBM may be due for an oil check by now 😄

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Nice trip, keep going! I’ve done a tour of Africa, the US, the Mediterranean sea and I now bring my dear old Tbm back to Tarbes for a full servicing… starting from Hobart! Will take me weeks, given my real life only lets me fly over an hour per day…
I find it rewarding to fly with a set goal, whatever it might be.
Best of luck and many safe landings.

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