[TBM WEEK] ATC Schedule • 1-7 Oct 18

By short I meant I can fly something that could take up to 5h as well xD

Should’ve made that clear, whoops, but thanks anyways :D

BAW flies to San Jose, right? 787-9?

If you want a 5 hour flight, do KJFK-KSJC with either JetBlue (A320), Delta (B739), or Alaska (A320). Or you could do KEWR-KSJC with a United B738 or Alaska B738. You could also do KBWI-KSJC with a Southwest B738.

KMCO-KSJC would be good to with a Southwest B737 and the seasonal AA KCLT-KSJC with an A321 is good as well.

Yup, Speedbird 279 is EGLL-KSJC with the B789.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at those, sounds great :)

KSJC Next! 🛫… Or Next Saturday… That’s what I meant 😂


A little disappointed with Monday’s focus airports in the UK but other than that, looks good to me!

Thank you for this great schedule!! Especially happy about the Wednesday (most important day in Germany). Thank you for taking that into account this week.
Although I am wondering why only 1 out 8 airports is in east Germany 😂

Yesssss New Zealand

Are there any aircraft restrictions during this week?

No restrictions other than those imposed by an airport’s class. (Charlie or lower)

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What are the restrictions for Charlie/Delta/Echó i forget.

great schedule as usual

Thank you Laura for showing KDXR and KPWM some love.

Van nuys, my home airport! Just had a flight lesson there 1 week ago and will have another one this Friday! Can’t wait to control at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world! Can’t wait to see the TBM and all other general aviation planes!

If anyone has any questions about the approach or pattern details let me know and i can answer them ;)

I need to get going on my IFATC testing. I’m on grade 5 with 910 landings and only 10 violations. I take IF rules very seriously and would like to become an IFATC

Please see here:

If you have already completed early stages and only need to do testing, that is something to discuss with your recruiter.

i was just controling london city erlier and i was surprised how many pilots don’t know how the back taxi procedure works.
so FYI, the back-taxi procedure:

first contact ground and request pushback and taxi as usual.
you taxi to the nearest hold short point to the requsted side of the runway.do not enter the runway unless instructed to by ATC!
now contact tower unless instructed otherwise by ground control.
request take off as if you were holding short at the begining of the run way.
tower will then give you the instruction to “back taxi” the runway and either line up or contact ground. you will now taxi on the runway as if it was a taxiway and continue from there as usual.


  • in certain airports and weather conditions tower may decide not to back taxi even if the taxiway doesn’t reach the end of the runway to expedite departures.

  • this procedure creates delays as the runway is un active during back-taxi, and tower might wait for a long stop in arrivals to continue departures. please be patiant.

for more info please look around the fourms for threads about the topic
happy landings!

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Awesome good picks

Island hopping in the best aircraft we currently have. Hawaii is still one of my favorite places to fly. Feel free to tag along if you can find me! 😃


london city is looking a real mess atm, good luck on approach jared hodge

Thank you @Tyler_Shelton

Mittwoch kann ja was werden…😂 Tag der deutschen Einheit und Oktoberfest (München ist offen). Freut mich, dass wir endlich mal einen ganzen Tag für Deutschland gewidmet bekommen.🇩🇪

Tag der deutschen Einheit and Oktoberfest😂 Munich is going to be busy that day👌🏿 awesome to see that we get a whole day for Germany🇩🇪

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