TBM Video

I agree. I cant wait to just fly vfr around a certain area. Maybe land a couple times at some small airfields before landing back at my origin airport. Will definitely be more then pattern work!

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Yes! If you’re lucky enough to get some controlled airspace mixed in with that then you’ve really got a good session!

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Yep. That will feel extremely realistic. As if your a private pilot just exploring the area around the airport. That’s what GA aircraft are meant for. Not just pattern work.

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Lol I was exited for the VFR and flying into small Class B airports too!

I’m getting anxious for the plane to be release but I’d rather have a properly made one instead of one rushed and filled with bugs and glitches take your time FDS!


Maybe I can help with the hype a bit. We post teasers to show you what is happening in development and by now you know that we don’t give release dates. The word “soon” is obviously relative but our goal isn’t to drive you all nuts. We ask for your patience and relative calmness while our beta testers help the developers with a few more bugs and improvements.

Just pretend “soon” means “not in 2019” and you’ll be so pleased when it comes out sooner! (Jokes… it actually is launching quite soon).

To clarify, we don’t give release dates because we can’t guarantee how long the approval process will take with Apple, and we can’t predict every bug or unintended consequence that will arise from other improvements or bug fixes.

Thanks for your [patience].


That’s great to hear :)

Now, you can all sleep tonight haha

(Take your time, FDS. We want a good aircraft, not a rushed one)


Hopefully “soon” means by the end of the month but I understand if it takes longer. I love the progress! Take as much time as you need!

They’re telling a lot that the update is coming very soon

Can I please have the link to that, thanks!

I wasn’t hyped for this update because GA aircraft aren’t my thing, but the TBM seems like it will inspire me, and after reading this entire thread, I’m pretty excited for it now


The exact same thing happened here!

I have no idea if that was sarcastic or not.

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It should be somewhere in the comments of this post :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BnL8cLfnvz6/

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Yeah, most likely as they almost always love to mess around and confuse people almsot everytime they release a new plane


Best staff!,

Im so proud on u guys how IF is groing in the last years! All the work all those years of flying Its just amazing. I dont care when we get the TBM I just want it the good way! Again thanks for all the work on the simulator. :)

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Wake up, still. No TBM :( welp I guess were still gonna have to wait a little bit longer.


I believe they’re based in NYC so the fact that it isn’t out when many people are just getting to work by no means means it isn’t today, but, that hardly means it will be today. Realistically they arnt going to tell us till a few hours before it is in our update box, so keep your eyes peeled in #announcements, I promise it is the best place to look…

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Hoping doesn’t get you anywhere here, just keep your eyes peeled on the pinned topics, and #announcements, I promise 100% you will know first there. You can say “hopefully today” “hopefully now” “hopefully in the far future” but in the end that just clogs the thread and clutters messages that actually mean stuff like this one:

We all want it to come out, but let’s just wait for the announcement and chill for a bit…

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Like @Chris_S said, start flying some GA for a few days. Fly a 208 fast on approach (within its limits and be courteous) because the TBM is very fast. It flies like an airliner in terms of speed, but by short final you’ll want to look for something around 90-100kts. But here’s the thing… you don’t have spoilers and it wants to go fast! If you’re too fast and too high… trouble. Dumping the gear helps quite a bit and I’ve had to do that on base before with this bird.

But yes, fly a 208 for a while in preparation. It’ll help you and get you in the spirit of things!