TBM veering left at V1

The wind going to the right hits your tail and pushes the rear of your plane right which makes your nose go left

airplane-clipart-1 .


Rudder. And when i take off i set cruise alt while holding short then leave climb. At 0 then line up power up to 35% and set speed then set speed to 120 and let off brake then at 85 I set climb rate to 1500 and leave it then gear up at 20 feet agl

Lol, demonstrating prop effect with a jet picture 😂😂

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That’s showing crosswinds hitting the tail lol.

Got it thanks guys, I’ll let you know if it works. It happens every time I fly a GA aircraft


If FDS has truly added P factor to the TBM, take this out of support and make it a thank you post, I am very excited if it is true!


Incorrect, it’s called propellor aerodynamic effect, the spiraling slipstream. It’s not the wind.

look it up.

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The wind is a large factor in IF cause my F-14 does that too

Its a jet tho…he was just illustrating what happens when wind going that direction hits the tail. If you look at my post above it shows the left turning tendencies.

Aside from the very necessary rudder input, I would suggest keeping some forward pressure (nose down), on the yoke from rollout until rotation.

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And again, it was a joke cuz jets don’t have propellor caused turning tendencies

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new rudder settings are horrendous, any way of changing them back?

If you make a Feature Request for it, haha 😜

But in all seriousness though, Nope, You can’t change it back how it was before!
…Unless FDS for some odd reason would want to do so? 😑

The new rudder controls can seem a bit difficult as first as you need to put in greater power than before and can take some time to get used to but it adds to the realism and it also helps quite a lot in cross wind landings, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to hit the center-line much more often and more precise than before 😉

Also it helps out tremendous amount during crosswind takeoff. Had one today and I had a much easier time controlling during the liftoff moments, as the gears left the ground and I was climbing out and around 300ft, it became wobbly, but the rudder was to great assistance 👍

yes i agree for crosswinds it is much better, just takes a bit of time getting used to the fact you have to give it a bit more wolly. however, when it comes to taxiing on ground it is really difficult. plane seems to slide all over the place for me, especially when at speed and expediting the runway after landing!

Do you have Auto-Coordination turned ON or OFF?

That could make a significant difference depending on which setting you feel more comfortable with.

Having it turned ON, then it couples the rudder and aileron together, so you can tilt your device and the plane will turn, which probably know of :)
That part now, to tilt the device, requires more tilt so that the aircraft turns, just the like the rudder needs more of a push to either side.

Having it turned OFF, and the ailerons and rudder isn’t coupled, meaning that you tilt the device and the plane wont move, only when on the ground, it still will move while in the air ;)
But then you’ll have to turn with the rudder only on the ground, and I can see that exiting the runway can be slightly more difficult now with the rudder being a bit more stiff.

It is something to get used to, I suppose. If yo have the Auto-Coordination ON, then try turning it OFF and see if that makes things easier, or vise-versa :)

auto-coordination is on currently

has anybody else realised a bit of a difference in how quickly the plane pics up speed with 0% power when on ground?

Doesn’t the pick up in speed depend on the weight, wind and how many engines you have?

The 747 picks up speed faster than what a 777 does, from what I have noticed over the past few months.

Btw, we are getting off-topic here, you may make a new topic about you questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them :)

Ps. I also have Anti-Coordination ON, and I will say, I found it a bit harder to turn at first, but now I have done some training over at Solo and Casual, so I’m all good ;)
Also check out this topic and my post on it for a better reference to how I exit a runway quickly, even after this update.

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Just need to put in counter controls to keep it straight it’s probably caused by wind direction and the TBM is a light aircraft so if you veer left steer right steer into it to keep straight using the rudder control. This happens to me all the time but I don’t bother with straightening her up I just pull up and bank into the direction I want to go in also putting on autopilot early can sort that out as long as you are not crashing I would not be that concerned you will devise good tactics in time for this issue with just flying the TBM Lot’s.

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