TBM veering left at V1

As soon as I get to v1 in the tbm, it veers left and I got a violation for it. How do I stop this. It happens anytime I fly a GA aircraft ex the 172.


It is the wind pushing you in that direction, you have to apply counter rudder pressure. With the new update, the rudder is exponential so now you have to push a bit further but you will get greater results.


Happens to me in every aircraft. I think it’s a game bug.

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Nope! You just need to use the rudder!


Let’s put this to bed.


When you’re lined up on the runway, take a look at the wind in the HUD view. The aircraft will always turn to face into the wind. If it’s blowing left to right, then you’ll need to move the rudder to the right to keep the aircraft in a straight line and vice versa. This also applies during landings. Move the rudder in the same direction as the crosswind just before you touch down to align the aircraft with the runway, otherwise you’ll land sideways.


Use the rudder as stated above You will be smooth as butter once you master it

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Right rudder! The reason why it’s happening is Bc your not compensation for the p factor


The wind was going right instead and I still was going left

The wind going to the right hits your tail and pushes the rear of your plane right which makes your nose go left

airplane-clipart-1 .


Rudder. And when i take off i set cruise alt while holding short then leave climb. At 0 then line up power up to 35% and set speed then set speed to 120 and let off brake then at 85 I set climb rate to 1500 and leave it then gear up at 20 feet agl

Lol, demonstrating prop effect with a jet picture 😂😂

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That’s showing crosswinds hitting the tail lol.

Got it thanks guys, I’ll let you know if it works. It happens every time I fly a GA aircraft


If FDS has truly added P factor to the TBM, take this out of support and make it a thank you post, I am very excited if it is true!


Incorrect, it’s called propellor aerodynamic effect, the spiraling slipstream. It’s not the wind.

look it up.

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The wind is a large factor in IF cause my F-14 does that too

Its a jet tho…he was just illustrating what happens when wind going that direction hits the tail. If you look at my post above it shows the left turning tendencies.

Aside from the very necessary rudder input, I would suggest keeping some forward pressure (nose down), on the yoke from rollout until rotation.

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