TBM Trim Issues

I’ve flown the TBM quite a bit but yesterday when I was on approach I had to use 100% neg trim to stay level. It happened again today. Is there a glitch?


I suggest calibrating before disabling A/P

By the way, were you overweight? the approach speed increases proportionally to the weight

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What was your speed, as well as your flaps?

I usually fly the TBM at 8% positive trim the whole time, and it works for me.

I don’t have this problem neither, give us more informations please

I just flew the a321 and on my approach at 30 miles out everything went haywire. It is putting me in a severe pitch up. I try and trim it out but it doesn’t work. I have lots of experience with this sim now I am having issues.

Hold on, what aircraft are you talking about? The TBM or A321?

We would need to know more details such as:

• Your approach speed (Indicated Air Speed)
• Your flap settings
• As mentioned above, did you recalibrate in the pause menu before releasing the Autopilot? Critical Component- We ask this mainly because if you were holding your device in a different position taking off compared to where you are holding your device once you release the Autopilot.

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It shouldn’t be a problem you maybe haven’t calibrated your device before landing.

Hey, let’s try not to overwhelm Mikey with this community’s immense amount of support. That solution has already been mentioned twice.

Nope I had to delete the app and re-download

I don’t think that will do much help.

Please answer the questions that Levet asked so we can get a better understanding of what is happening to you.

Sometimes my calibration decides to be off no matter what I do. Just restart the app when that happens and it should be good.

Also, welcome to the community! If you need any more help, you can always ask here:)

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