TBM Training in the south of Brazil

Hey IFC,

today i found a new tactic on how to choose my region of flying!
I wanted to do some ATC guided pattern work, so i chosed the Expert Server and took a look into the ATC-tab. Bright like a Diamond i saw SBFL glowing, 0 Approaches, ATIS, ground and tower staffed. I searched the TBM and then i was ready.

My planned flight had been SBFL to SBFL, very basic.

I was on the Ramp, put my VFR heavy flightplan in and requested taxi!

At 03:15Zulu i rotated for the first time:

I was kinda nervous during my first two touch and go’s, but on the third one, i had time to take a look at the surroundings:

My last flight in such terrain is long time ago… the view was stunning, but i didnt wanted to do mistakes!
After the fifth touch and go, i flew a little bit to the south and turned in a safe distance towards the North. The Mountains next to SBFL are a bit close!

My Plan: Fly to Sao Paulo and do some pattern work there witth ATC. I enjoyed the beautiful coastline, but before i reached Sao Paulo, the controller was gone. I decided to turn around, fly back and do some more T/G’s on my way back to Florianopolis. I turned towards the inland and found a small airstrip very fast, still with some mountains, but they were fourther away, at least something!
I approached Registro for two touch and go’s with mountains to my left side:

I had a stunning view for more than 3hours, always when i was about land, mountains had been close!
So there was no time to go away from my phone. I set my autopilot towards the next destination, Curitiba!
I planned with two touch and go’s again at SBCT. I flew over the City twice before i reached the Airport:

I set course towards my departure Airport, but there was one more Airport that i wanted to visit. Mountains where higher between Curitibas and Blumenau, and it started to look like a difficult approach toward the Airport of Blumenau. Check out that airport, it is near Florianopolis and got a very nice approach for Runway 18, i can only say, check it out!
I managed to touch down safly, and to tease you a little bit, here is the rotation with a hill right next to the runway:

After two challenging approaches, i flew over the City of Blumenau and left it fast behind on my way to the ocean:

Once i reached the ocean, i turned south towards Florianopolis. Once i reached it, i made one last touch and go, before i changed runway to get into row behind a 777 landing at SBFL. i missed the landing zone, go around! One more try and i touched down so soft, the tires still dont know, do they landed already?

After that, i rolled to the GA apron, stopped the engine and watched a 757 (@aviatorshubyt ) land:

Check out the Region by yourself, it is worth it!
i changed the Time to have Light all the time!
Here is my route of the flight:

221220 Morgenrunde II

Thanks for watching, i hope you liked the pictures!

which one was your favourite one?

Which one was your favourite pic?
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that is what you can do as well instead of flying into boring HUBs. Hope you had a lot of fun.


Cool flight! Just wondering what the French Air Force was doing there! 😉

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Nice photos and idea, well done

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I wanted the Charcoal Livery, but i slipped and did not saw my mistake. When i was holding short i realised ist, but then it was too late…

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Haven’t flown this beast in a very long time… might do a flight in her later

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Thank you @Tep_NEMO @Vortex and @Beniamino . I had a lot of fun and i am looking forward to do it again!

@LordZakCreaser it is worth it. Even in bad conditions, this small high tech plane will get you a better and more safe feeling!


Happened to me as well… 😉

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Well done! Scenery looks good

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Great flight and nice shots, it’s so nice to see these GA flights, even more so when done in my country! 👌

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Great shots mate

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Excellent Photos!

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