TBM to Saba

Hello :)
Today I present to you the Saba Airport adventure. Known as one of the most dangerous airport and one with a very short runway.
If you overrun the runway you fall from a cliff into the ocean. But I didn’t overrun the runway
I stalled and crashed into the mountain😌. My second attempt was better though. Surviving the whole thing.
Anyway, I flew this with the TBM as a Cessna was too slow for me tbh.
Enjoy the pics :)

Flight Details

Route: TNCM (St Maarten)-TNCS (Saba)
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Attempts landing: 2


Taking off for my first attempt


I’m not gonna show my crash.

On final runway 12

Here we are after a rough landing. We see Statia in the back as well as St Kitts and Nevis

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed these😊
See ya next time✌️


Amazing pictures! Nice angle in the third one… Congratulations on safely landing on your second attempt!

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That 3rd pic looks so real!!

Great photos @Infinite_Qantas!

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Haha, thank you😂

Cheers @Elefanths 😄


In all seriousness, these are great! Saba is a hard landing, and it looks like you nailed the crash! And the last photo looks real!


Happy birthday to you @Butter_Boi
Also, I remember flying to lukla when I first joined IF in an a318 in casual and I crashed into the wall. I got so mad I didn’t want to try again, I flew from OMDB.


Thank you, Felix and Qantas!

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Lol 😂
Thanks @Butter_Boi and a very happy birthday to you🎉

@Pilot_Felix you should’ve predicted that😂

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I bet your landing wasn’t that bad. Great shots nonetheless.

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Thanks, I had 10kts crosswind though😬

Wow amazing. The 3rd one…

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Cheers mate😄

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