Tbm throttle bug

The new tbm throttle lever is moving a bit diffrent than it should be. It goes to flight idle after 20% and moves down to reverse when you throttle up. At 65% it’s on full reverse and as you throttle up more it will eventually reach the same posittion as with 30% power untill it goes to full. Here is few pictures
image image image


This is not actually a bug, even though i can see how it is interpreted as such.

The TBM throttle assembly have a few different positions and moves around a bit differently than regular throttle so we did what we could with the current throttle we have in Infinite Flight :)


Damn, i even pm’d this to misha before opening a topic to confirm it actually is a bug😂

Hey, no fair 😉


Yes it is. Completely fair🧐😊

Either way a bug or not, this can be closed

Seb - Misha