TBM Takeoff! | @ LFRS - 061700ZOCT18


Welcome the TBM 930 to Infinite Flight! This event is a partnership between Singapore Virtual Airlines and Delta Virtual Airlines. We will be flying the gorgeous TBM 930 from one of TBM’s Headquarters in Nantes, France, to Paris-Le Bourget. We hope you enjoy!

Event Details

Nantes [LFRS] to Paris-Le Bourget [LFPB]

Server: Expert Server

Date: October 6, 2018

Start Time: 1700Z

Flight Time: 55m - 1hr

End Time: 1800Z

Flight Details

Aircraft : TBM 930

Flight Plan :

03 SID LFRS 4710N/136W NISMO ANG05



27 STAR PG515 PG516 RGE88 BT035 R2098 LFPB

09 STAR PB258 4857N/211E BT025 LFPB

Gate Assignments

GA Ramp 46 : @Michael_McMurray

GA Ramp 38 : @Transport_Hub

GA Ramp 37 : @AndrewWu

GA Ramp 36 : @TwinsRock88

GA Ramp 35 : @Capt.SkyWalker

GA Ramp 34 : @EthanT2

GA Ramp 31 : @anon8635826

GA Ramp 32 : @Pilot_urp

GA Ramp 33 : @Chindle_1204

GA Ramp 29 : @KarlMcDonkey

GA Ramp 27 : @Pascal2910

GA Ramp 45 : @Dylan_T

GA Ramp 25 : @airbavaria

GA Ramp 23 : @Jmacd20

GA Ramp 7 : @mwe2187

Ramp 8 : @Gavin_I

Ramp 10 : @kznawsm

GA Ramp 14 : @Leonard_Paulson

GA Ramp 12 : @2003iggy

GA Ramp 11 : @Daniel_Carr

GA Ramp 15 :

Ramp 16 :

GA Ramp 17 :

Ramp 18 :

Ramp 20 :


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Sign me up! Excited for this

Sign Me Up!

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sign me up

hey, i would love to grab a gate.

Sign me up please DLVA8493

Ohh awesome @Transport_Hub nice to see DLVA co hosting with your amazing VA.

Sign me up sir PX-LXD

TBM is already one of my fav aircraft,it’s also very easy to land for me

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Hey can I have a gate SVA1204

Thanks Charlie

October 6

Unfortunately, I will not be able to come.

Like I said in @VAnuj’s Emerald City Flyout KSEA thread, @AlaskaAir’s Phoenix-Mesa Flyout KIWA, and @PlaneCrazy’s Plane n Pilot TBM Test Flight LFML, I would be in Seattle irl at the time of this event.

Have fun though! This new TBM is really a great airplane! :D


Sine me up! GA ramp 33 please?

Can I join? :)

Gates have been updated


< 5 Days left before the event!

Wow!! I am so glad you chose LFRS for the event. That airport has a special place in my heart. I am very upset I cannot attend…


I’d like any gate available.

Gate for TBM DABAV please. What flightlevel and speed? Or free choice?

Can I get a gate plz

I’m working saturday at this time but if i can sneak in to take off i may try to do so

Sign me up! “@IFFG Gavin I”

Sign me up please. DLVA328