TBM Swarm in the Caribbean

Hi all! Hope you’re well! I know I have been!

Earlier today, @Infinite_Qantas, @AlphaSeven, @Air_Boss, @TRDubh the controller, @TimShan05 and I have been flying together in the Caribbean in a group flight. We took off from St. Maarten (TNCM) heading for Saba (TNCS), after a little break, we flew the final leg down to St. Barthelemy (TFFJ). We’ve had some wonderful shots to show you guys!

Taken by @Air_Boss, we first get photobombed by a Finnair A350 escorted by an F14 while we were in a line for RWY10.

Taken by @AlphaSeven, we get a wonderful shot of him departing St. Maarten bound for Saba!
Here’s @AlphaSeven’s picture again, coming in right after me for landing. It was buttery, I’m never forgiving him for calling it grease.

This one I took, we got @Air_Boss trying attempt 2 at landing the TBM after a go-around.

A to be continued moment by @TimShan05! Just a random guy we didn’t know overran the runway…

Taken by @Infinite_Qantas, we get a shot of the whole pack having a break in Saba.

Yet another one by @Infinite_Qantas! He’s first in line to take off at TNCS, let’s go to St. Barths!

Another one of my shots! That’s @TimShan05 on short final at TFFJ!

@TimShan05 managed to capture @Air_Boss’ last moments of his life. Rest in peace. No, he didn’t die of course.

Last shot by @Infinite_Qantas! He snapped this lovely and satisfying shot of our tails!

Like I always ask you guys, which one out of them all is your favourite?

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Have a lovely day! Again, thanks to those I mentioned above for attending and taking these shots!


Lest we forget @Air_Boss. Unknown-28/12/19,
He died doing what he loved.
N851TB deserved to die though


Really beautiful pictures! Let’s hope pest control can get rid of swarm 😂


He died doing what he loved: crashing TBM’s into the beach

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Yes, it was a succesfull groupflight😄
Glad everyone had fun

Rest In Peace that random TS guy and @Air_Boss

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It was an awesome flight!

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Great photos, love that TBM. Oh well, @Air_Boss is gone.


I also took this shot
she sees you when you’re sleeping, she knows when your awake


Hahaha, I’ve used up all my likes … 😂😭😛

Couple things to note
-great mini fly in/out event
-great crew
-great pictures
-lol yes I died doing what I love 😂😂
-look forward to next one
-good fun
-I wish I could vote for more than 1 👏


AirBoss 😎

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Thanks man😊. I’ll see if I’ll create more of these.
Maybe Lukla, or just a fly-around somewhere

Looked like a great group flight 🔥

You could do one in Southern England

Ah yes, all of the somewhat rich people on Christmas Vacation. (I say somewhat rich because they are still flying turboprops them selves)

Hmmm, maybe🤷‍♂️
Stay tuned😂

C172s please from EGHR. I’ll be a tour guide.

Love the photos

Thanks, they all did some very good photography!