TBM Space Ship ? ??

Heyooooo, hi

Whatup IFC, so I was bored one day…like usually, so I decided to see what one of my most favorite aircraft was up too today, so I spawned into the TBM in the Florida Keys and decided…lets go for a ride, but then I got bored again :( womp womp

So what did I do ?

CORRECT ! I made sure I had a tailwind, set up my AP, and preceded to climb…FL200, fine…FL250…FL300, steady now…then I became bold and daring, so I full throttle my engine, and…well take a look

(Sorry in advance for not cropping and making it pretty I was in a rush)

Thats correct folks, Flight Level 430, in a Turboprop TBM…I have absolutely no clue is someone ever did this, but if they did…wow, I was genuinely impressed, I kept on chasing the Tailwind until I came back for a landing at Key West !

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day/night :)


Yep, I’ve done this before over Hawaii once!
And well, what can I say except that this little plane never fails to impress :)


Isn’t the max alt for the TBM FL310 in real life 😂 either way it’s cool that you can fly this high in a turboprop in IF