TBM’s are breaking all physical laws of sound (issue)

Hey guys

Let’s say I’m in the cockpit of, let’s say, a 737, and I’m in line for takeoff. There’s an A320, a 777, a 787, an A350, and a TBM behind me, and in that order. Again, I’m in the cockpit view.

As I’m waiting to depart a busy airport, I’m listening to one of the loudest sounds I know of - The TBM engine on the outside view. Normally, this isn’t an issue. However, if I’m in the cockpit, I shouldn’t be able to hear it.

Here’s a similar topic from a year ago that was automatically closed for inactivity:

I would like to bring attention to this issue because it wasn’t addressed in 20.1 and appears to have been forgotten about. Having this fixed would be so beneficial to Infinite Flight pilots and their eardrums, especially when wearing headphones in order to improve the experience of family and friends around them who do not appreciate airplane noises.



I have this same issue as well

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a widespread issue. I’d just like to bring attention to it once again.

If it was just to bring to attention could have just PM’ed a Dev but you have gone to the effort 🤷‍♂️ Hope it is fixed as well!
See you in the skies
Cign :)


We are aware of this issue, unfortunately it’s been around for a little while already. The developers are looking into it.

Thanks for the report and your patience!