TBM questions

So I heard about the TBM 930 coming out soon so I need some answers
1:what is the range
2:maximum wieght
3any airlines or regional carriers have them?
4:is Stevo1 doing the physics on it?
5:cruise height
6:take off speed


The range is approximately 1730 NM and is able to cruise at an altitude of FL310. Hope this helped a bit 😉


take off speed is around 80-90 knots

No, he is not doing the physics, but his livery will be on it…


That’s his livery in IF… 👆🏻

(Photo credits go to @MishaCamp in his post here )


Don’t know specifics, but I’d imagine that several VA’s will be incorporating it. DLVA has plans for it in our database, I’d bet others are prepared as well

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Nice stevos livery is pretty cool

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Oh okay so I quest well have to find out In a week or a couple of days

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Really? Delta VA is going to use it? How?

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TBM930 can pushback from gates any airports

Probably a trainer or something

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idk i would love to see this

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Really? Whare did you hear this, because I do not believe this is true, GA aircraft typically can’t since they don’t have the proper attachment points, or frankly need to…


Cant wait to go to the Bahamas in this bird haha

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I’m pretty sure IF will release a tutorial about the TBM.

they have for every new aircraft that came out

Ya, so his questions should be answered once the video is realeased.

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yup exactly , the tutorial follows the release of the aircraft

Between the announcement post, the followup tutorial videos, google, and common sense, all of those questions will be answered.


Thanks guys fly safe

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