TBM Over Speed

So I’ve been flying the new TBM 930 and decided to push how fast it could go before getting near the redline. Turns out that at FL300 it’s at M .72.

That doesn’t seem right, I know it’s fast but just over 400kts gs is well beyond published limits ::-)

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The higher you climb the slower you can fly. Thats why at max cruise it wont go as fast. I believe that its cruise speed is 300 knots so it’s normal that its going that speed


I’ve noticed that airspeed limit is 265 KIAS

Today cruised at fl28 at around Mach .72. True airspeed was aeound 445KNTS

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Yeah, during my little flight got around the same speed. The aircraft was negative trim nose down flying like a helicopter lol

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Very interesting, mine was not.

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