TBM N851TB. Coming Soon to Infinite Flight

I did notice they said VERY VERY SOON! My hype went away.

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Well, at least I’m not the only one thinking the Hype Train has runoff its rails.


“Very soon” was said on here as well as in comments on the video on Insta

If you guys think waiting for the TBM is getting old, you should’ve been around for the wait for Global 😜


Let’s not walk down that path again lol


We already know all that. We know they don’t they give release dates. We don’t require them, either. They said that the goal wasn’t to drive us all nuts, but that seems to be the case here. ‘Soon’, & ‘very soon’ should be used carefully. I love FDS; I love the work they do, and it’s all wonderful. I am just starting to get annoyed with the ‘soon’ routine with every update. I understand that development takes time, but the way that this has been presented told everyone that it was coming in a short time, which obviously didn’t happen. FDS needs to be a tad more ‘in the loop’ with the users. I’m not asking for a blog or constant update, just maybe an insta post every week or two giving a recap. I would imagine writing a couple of sentences wouldn’t take very long. Giving a teaser can be awesome if done right, as @anon93248082 previously mentioned. If a teaser and a ‘soon’ is done wrong, you can drive your fan base up the wall. We can be told to go outside, be told the same ‘it takes time’ message forever, but that will not change the fact that something needs to change a bit in the way they address their fan base. I love FDS, I just want them to succeed.

I understand that this can be a controversial topic, please feel free to PM me if you like, and we can discuss this.


Haha! I can only imagine how much everyone was anticipating that! I’m kind of glad I wasn’t here during that time!

I totally agree!!!

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Guys, everyone is going to have an opinion; Weather it be positive, or negative. It’s a game. Games are going to have feedback either way, regardless.

FDS is a great company, who is making a game we all love, obviously the people pointing out that it’s not here and have been saying they’re “Teasing us” aren’t against the game, they are giving Feedback and speaking their mind.

FDS never disappoint us in the way that they make things for us. So we should all understand that.

Weather you are ok with the wait or not, no one is in the wrong.


Completely agree. I left IF for 3 months as my interest waned but I came back with the announcement of the “coming soon” GA aircraft. Unofteauntly now the enthusiasm and updates to this aircraft have died down. Sad to be fair and maybe a little off putting about the definition of “very soon” which is punctual in the Dictionary, but apparently we get to make our own definitions lol.


As i stated above, I compeltely agree with this.


Is it just me or does most members value the update more just before the update is released? For example the crjs just came out, and for a period of a week max! The update is valued. After everyone has tried out the new aircraft and features the value and “hype” dies down and then everyone is eager for the next update. Anyway thats my opinion at times, maybe this is a test🤔🤷🏻‍♂️.

Any way back on topic. 🙃

The Tbm will come, when it is ready.


That’s why we have the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club… lol

The hype will never die 😘


Personally, I just assume the update is always a few months away. Then when it shows up, I’m pleasantly surprised :)

To shift topics, you all should check out Stevo1Kinevo’s YouTube channel. He hasn’t plenty of great videos, many featuring the TBM, that are perfect for aviation buffs. I especially recommend his one about tough decisions in flying — it includes flight near a tropical storm!


We’re all very spoiled.


Ok, well now that everyone seems to have gotten their chance to say that the hope has died down, I think its time for a positive revival.

We know that most of us are upset that there is no AppStore or PlayStore update seeing “Added new TBM 930”, but lets not forget these things:

1. Which team put the globe on our smart phones? FDS did

2. Which team gives us high quality aircraft? FDS does

3. Which team works day in and day out to make us happy? FDS does.

I agree, we didn’t expect coming soon to be this long, but FDS never said a specific date when it was to come. Coming soon or very soon, might just be anytime. Lets take a step back, to updates like Global. Remember when Global was always pushed back because of bugs? That could be the same issue with the TBM. Nobody likes to wait, but we must remember FDS always has our best interest in mind. Patience is not a skill not everyone can posses, but the best we can do right now is trust FDS. Your hype may have died, but that doesn’t mean you should leave or ridicule the sim. As an FDS supporter, I admit, I did lose hype, but then I regained my hype looking on what FDS has done for us. Don’t believe me, take a look through the history of the #announcements category.

If you don’t like hearing Coming Soon, then I have something for you that was all the rage in Global.

When will it be done?
When its done.


my hope didnt die down, thats foreshore! Im finding routes for the tbm and planning flights. for now im enjoying the wonderful a321.


I’m with you. IF is not deficient of new things to do or places to go. I’m discovering new things all the time. There is no shortage of interesting stuff to do in the meantime.

I very much look forward making my maiden flight in the TBM and am happy to see a new GA aircraft is on the horizon. But I would like it done right rather than quick. I’m just happy to keep on until it’s here.


Very well said and I completely agree.

Haha! it was a long year and a half!