TBM Issues

I could be doing something completely wrong. Here’s the video. My yoke is (yes a tiny tiny tiny tiny tad to the right but it shouldn’t effect like it does)

Here’s the video

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What is your sensitivity on for your yoke? Also what airport was that?

MIA. Sensitivity is at default. If you observe you can see me trying to fix w rudder but it just keeps coming back. This video was this morning

Personally i don’t see any issue. you did land whiles crapping, so your aircraft will go to the left and you will need to apply a lot of left rudder until you see the aircraft turning left!

when you land, seconds before touching apply left rudder and make your aircraft parallel to the runway. That should help !

I have same problem with all small planes

Yep! The thing is I was applying rudder to realign myself. I’m trying to figure out what’s pulling me to the right. The wind would push me to the left if anything, so I’m trying to figure out why after I fix it it reverts to pulling again. And what do you mean by “crapping”?

I’m getting on expert back at MIA to try without the auto calibration of the ailerons and rudder, don’t think it’ll change it but I’m about to test if they’re allowing pattern

iv’e tried it just now. I personally think this cross wind of 30knt is a bit to much for the TBM so the aircraft might be a little hard to control.

hope i was apple to solve your issue

Could be. Gonna keep experimenting. Taking off 9 again now. Thanks for the help fellas!

try using less crosswind !

Saw your landing, hard to tell cause it’s glitchy but I’m not sure if you saw me, I pulled right for no reason as I was slowing, and when I started going around it flung me to the right, INTO the wind!

@Chris_S can you help ?

Try flying solo mode with 0 winds, to be sure that the problem is not caused by environmental conditions.

Any plane will pull in the direction the wind is coming from.


From looking at the video it appears you aren’t using the rudder correctly for it to make a difference, at those speeds holding it to one side with have minimal effect. Make sure you have the rudder in action before touchdown and hold it in place but slide more if needed, don’t let go and reapply more as the damage is done as soon as you let go in my experience.


You need to de crab prior to landing. Apply alerions to keep you in the center of the runway. Hold that roll angle throughout the roll out, and don’t let go of the rudder. Keep practicing you’ll get it. This isn’t a problem with the aircraft but a problem with how your handling the crosswind.


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