TBM Issues

Hello! I have a question for everybody. I’ve been trying to work with the TBM in the pattern for a couple days, and I’m noticing a reoccurring problem. Whenever taking off OR landing, it has a huge tendency to pull massively to the right, even when I try and counter with left rudder. Yes I’m not the best at flying it, but even putting the yoke all he way down and full left rudder it pulls right, when if anything it should pull left due to propeller rotation (unless the TBM prop rotates counter clockwise idk). I have a video of me running the pattern and the landing as an example but it won’t let me upload. You’d notice a huge pull to the right even when I’m applying rudder. If anybody has a solution/answer to this, or if I’m doing something horribly wrong, please let me know!

can you upload the video link on here to do that you have to upload it on youtube and copy the link and paste it. is what i do. Im sure there are other ways.

Try using the rudder to help you stay lined up with the runway. It also might be because of wind.

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I was also just going to say that about the wind but i though someone else would say it first.

Make sure your auto-coordination is turned off in your settings. It can really help your stability on the ground.


Hey. Seems interesting

Is this a first ? It could possibly be because of a cross wind situation you are having. Before taking off also make sure you also calibrate your device!

TBM takeoff

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Even when there’s no wind, I’ll still pull to the right. Even when the wind is coming in from the right it pulls to the right

As stated above many times (respectfully) I will even apply full left rudder and it won’t stop it.

Hey can you possibly get a short clip for us all

Is your calibration adjusted when you land? or as Chris said your auto-coordination is turned off

This could be it… again I was level with both my rudder and ailerons so I wouldn’t think it’s that… but it could be. Gonna go try and get back to you

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It has to do with which direction the propeller(s) it engines move. If it moves to the right, then the plane is likely to turn right, this also applies to turning left. This is known as p-factor.

Yep, I addressed this in my paragraph. Gonna try an upload a video though. As somebody who flies in GA semi often I understand how it works, but it’s not as severe as it is for me for sure.

Yes I’m always calibrated!

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If you upload the video for us, we will be able to help better.

can you post a little clip ?

Also is this just on solo or online and/or both?

Possibly try to restart your device and see if that does anything and if not try to delete and download the app again
What device do you use ?

I play on phone. Clip is uploading to Imgur now as I can’t upload direct to here, I’ll send a link for it when it’s done (hope that’s how it’ll work). This was online, on expert server

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Sadly I can’t replicate it. I’ve tried doing taking off and landing in the TBM and I don’t seem to be having a problem.

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