TBM go around and diversion

Today I decided to do a short flight from Jersey EGJJ to Guernsey EJBJ, to get more experience in the TMB. Before all of my flights I always check the winds. They were a bit high but controllable.

Server: Training
Time: 2:03

Take off from Jersey runway 26

Reached cruising altitude of 7,000 feet

Short final of runway 27 at Guernsey, at this point I saw the winds increasing so set 3,000 on autopilot in case of go-around

Gust of 38 knots caused the go-around, at this point the winds at Guernsey were far to heigh to try again so decided to divert back to Jersey.

Finally safely touched down at Jersey in 16 knots gusting 21

My route, also shows the go around and diversion

Thanks for reading :)


I like the one on short final

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Thanks, I do like that camera angle