TBM fun!

Short 35 minute hop accross the Bahamas

It was on training server from MYEY-MYAF no traffic and minimal wind.

  1. Climbing out of MYEY

2. These are my favorite shots

3. Preparing for approach at MYAF and after touchdown.


Thats a good one, I havent flown the TBM much until recently and im falling in love with it!

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I have a schedule where I literally am flying EVERY SINGLE AIRCRAFT AND AIRLINE on the game. I’ve done all the A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, and halfway through 737… ouch.


The Airbus family are in my opinion a pain to deal with I just flew the A380 yesterday and well all I have to say is gross! Lol

Why do I ever post in IF when it gets taken down? How was that TBM picture in a ‘TBM fun’ post flagged as off topic. 😂

Not real sure lol thats interesting

Ikr it’s kinda funny. Unless it’s a mod or staff with a valid reason, probs just another guy who reports everything they think isnt what they like.

Isnt that the reason they are called “topics” so that other people can post and discuss

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There we go. Seriously if this gets flagged again for off topic I will just laugh.

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ME: posts another picture of TBM… instantly gets taken down… I can understand if this comment gets flagged but the IFC is sure frustrating sometimes.

The Airbus family do need reworks.

The only Boeing ive had issues with was the fuel burn on the 747

True. Infinite Flight do seem to make their Boeing’s better, but I have to say the A350 looks and sounds like it will be looked upon by all. What’s the bet that at least 90% of the servers will be using A350’s within the first week. Hey IF if you see this please do that!!!

I’m pretty stoked about the A350 hopefully its better than the others, it sure has the looks.

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the 737 will take a year

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Lol I’m about halfway through, I have 16/40 done (some may not be scheduled, only real flights for example IF liveries are not included).

I like how much coloring these photos have. 😍