Tbm fuel used not working

the tbm’s fuel used meter on the bottom info bar doesn’t seem to be working.

Any ideas? if this has been brought up I couldn’t find it when I searched it.

Also, the tbm is great. Maybe add an approach mode ;)

Thanks everyone.

Im not going to be of any help, but I know what some people are going to ask for, can you give us more info, device, os, etc.

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iPad 9.7 inch 2017 edition, just updated with newest IOS

I have tried on solo, and different servers.

Shutting down, restarting the app and or plane.

spawning on runway or whatnot.

If you have a picture that would be awesome.

But yea whenever I see a meter not working I usally just exit out of the flight and come back in. Normally fixes the promblem.

Otherwise you can exit out the whole game and log back in and itll reset everything

Try reinstalling the app

Lol, it works on my iPhone, and standby one sec… a screenshot is on its way

soon. I promise, notice I’m getting active again… I’ve been busy.

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Hey umm I don’t think @leon332157 post is the solution
U should un do the action

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I agree with pilot urp

It was an accident haha. My b

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See the picture?

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So which isnt working fuel flow or fuel remaining

Also what device are you on?

I suggest try changing the amount of fuel or reinstalling it

Fuel used.

Flow and remaining are killin it!


Read my post above and see if that works😉

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So like said above

  • End And Restart your flight

  • Exit out the whole game and back in

  • Change your fuel

Try and see if this works otherwise it may be a bug.

What device are you on also?

He said IPad 2017

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Gonna try the re install


Yea probaly the best idea as I believe I saw a hotfix was sent out for IPads

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