Tbm event idea/ VFR flight through the mountains

Hello fellow community members!
As you all probably know the Tbm is coming soon enough to infinite flight. Before you get all excited I have no idea when it’s coming out or any new information about it unfortunately… however I have started planning a nice flight that makes the best out of the scenery we got with global and with this new ga plane. My plan is to fly it in a vfr flight through Swiss scenery. (I find it hard to plan a vfr flight in a place I don’t know that’s why I had to choose Switzerland. Which is pretty nice nonetheless😉 more details on the FPL at the bottom)

(Just a little teaser! It’s photoshopped thanks to a photo fds leaked)

Since we are a community and we like to do stuff together and with lots of people I thought I’d make an event.
So my first question is: would you come to such an event? (If you don’t like the idea please let me know why as I would be pleased to know how to make it better!)

  • Yes
  • No

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My second question is: would you prefer a flight all in one go (a bit over 800nm) or in five sections (a bit less than 200nm each)

  • All in one go
  • In different sections

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As I promised here is what the FPL is like. (Also for people that don’t want to participate in the event, have a look you might still want to fly it at another time…)


(Note it looks like I cut edges but that’s because I just did it quickly in a fighter jet and I think LiveFlight isn’t that precise at high speed.)

Here are the coordinates


LSGG 4617N/0611E 4621N/0616E 4625N/0630E 4624N/0647E 4623N/0653E LSGB 4613N/0700E 4611N/0701E 4608N/0703E 4606N/0705E 4612N/0717E LSGS 4618N/0735E 4618N/0742E 4618N/0753E 4618N/0755E 4619N/0800E 4623N/0806E LSPU 4631N/0820E 4632N/0821E 4634N/0821E 4634N/0824E 4635N/0827E 4636N/0833E 4638N/0835E 4642N/0836E 4646N/0840E 4656N/0836E 4659N/0836E 4658N/0830E 4659N/0828E LSZC 4657N/0818E 4648N/0810E 4645N/0808E 4644N/0800E 4641N/0753E 4640N/0746E 4641N/0742E 4644N/0738E 4652N/0733E LSZB LSZB 4658N/0724E 4659N/0714E 4708N/0721E 4712N/0732E 4714N/0739E 4713N/0743E 4716N/0748E 4716N/0749E 4718N/0751E 4719N/0753E 4721N/0754E 4725N/0806E 4725N/0810E 4728N/0810E 4729N/0813E 4730N/0814E 4733N/0813E 4733N/0815E 4735N/0815E 4735N/0813E 4736N/0814E 4736N/0817E 4734N/0819E 4734N/0823E 4734N/0828E 4734N/0833E 4736N/0836E 4741N/0837E 4740N/0848E 4739N/0855E 4740N/0901E 4740N/0907E 4734N/0923E 4729N/0930E LSZR LSZR 4727N/0942E 4712N/0930E 4707N/0931E 4703N/0927E 4659N/0934E 4652N/0932E 4650N/0924E 4643N/0927E 4635N/0925E 4631N/0910E 4626N/0913E 4623N/0914E 4615N/0910E 4613N/0904E 4613N/0902E 4610N/0859E 4610N/0855E 4608N/0855E 4606N/0856E 4605N/0856E 4559N/0854E 4552N/0839E 4558N/0828E 4600N/0819E 4601N/0816E 4606N/0818E 4608N/0820E 4608N/0829E 4608N/0831E 4609N/0836E 4611N/0842E 4611N/0846E 4610N/0849E LSZL LSZL 4609N/0849E 4606N/0842E 4601N/0843E 4554N/0834E 4550N/0836E 4548N/0833E 4544N/0835E 4551N/0851E 4559N/0858E 4602N/0906E 4602N/0910E 4601N/0915E 4559N/0915E 4557N/0911E 4556N/0908E 4554N/0908E 4552N/0909E 4552N/0907E 4550N/0905E 4548N/0904E 4547N/0912E 4549N/0922E 4551N/0923E 4553N/0920E 4556N/0918E 4602N/0916E 4608N/0918E 4610N/0925E 4612N/0927E 4617N/0923E 4619N/0925E 4619N/0927E 4621N/0937E 4622N/0939E 4623N/0940E 4624N/0943E 4627N/0947E LSZS LSZS 4635N/0956E 4637N/1001E 4638N/1001E 4641N/1005E 4643N/1005E 4645N/1004E 4646N/1007E 4647N/1015E 4649N/1022E 4652N/1027E 4655N/1029E 4656N/1030E 4701N/1037E 4705N/1040E 4706N/1039E 4706N/1038E 4707N/1035E 4708N/1033E 4708N/1030E 4705N/1028E 4705N/1027E 4703N/1021E 4659N/1015E 4658N/1010E 4657N/1009E 4655N/1007E 4655N/1005E 4655N/1003E 4656N/1003E 4658N/1004E 4658N/1002E 4700N/1000E 4701N/0957E 4704N/0955E 4705N/0952E 4708N/0950E 4711N/0946E 4714N/0935E 4712N/0930E 4705N/0930E 4702N/0926E 4707N/0919E 4707N/0904E 4711N/0900E 4715N/0837E 4721N/0833E 4724N/0834E LSZH

I hope you guys like the idea and keep an eye out for when I’ll send the details on the actual event!

(Just a little preview 😉. Heading towards bex airport after leaving Montreux to the left and passing over Bouveret)


Well time might depend if I can attend or not,but nice idea!

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Thanks a lot. I know time is a problem for most of us that’s why I’ll see if you prefer a 4 hour flight or a few 1 hour flights.
I hope lots of people like the flight plan

So after five hours apparently it’s pretty 50/50 for all in one go or in different sections. So I thought of a third option. Let me know what you think! I’d be happy to have some feedback

  • All in one go
  • In different sections
  • All in one go but you can join and/or stop at any airport we pass by

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