TBM cruising

TBM cruising over the Rockies near Aspen

KASE-KGCN Expert server
Speed 240kts GS


Did you add these fog/cloud afterwards? I hope my smartphone can support such level of rendering.

Nice photos!

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I’m not the person that took this photo, but there is fog in Infinite Flight, you just have to go to the right airport to find it! :)


Holy macaroni!

Is there really fog in Infinite Flight? Any specific settings? (To the OP and @dylonez )

Nice photos:

I’m really looking forward to flying the TBM again on Friday (when I get my sub back) because on my schedule I have the TBM down as my T&G aircraft

There aren’t any specific settings to have fog, it is possible that a live subscription is required but other than that as others have said find the right airport and you’ll find the fog. As infinite flight uses real life weather have a look for any airports or locations that are actively dealing with fog.

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Alright, I myself have a yearly subscription and never experienced this, so I don’t know. Thanks for the info, will try to search.

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