TBM cruise speed

What is the cruising speed of the TBM when cruising above 10000ft? Some sources say 252kts, others say 290kts and some even say 320kts.

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The TBM cannot go 320 knots, or even 290 knots (I’m assuming you mean KIAS). These numbers are likely MPH, which is completely different than knots.

I typically fly the TBM at around mach .50, as this is a safe level below the “red tape” (overspeed).

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I know for a fact that I got my info from good sources. I need to know at what IAS speed I need to cruise at.

Your 320kts cruise speed is probably ground speed. As I said, the TBM cannot hit that speed in KIAS without overspeeding.
As you climb the aircraft, the KIAS you should cruise at decreases, just like with any other aircraft. So, there is no “set” speed that you should fly at.

If I cruise at 15000ft, what should be my IAS?

I’m not going to tell you what speed to fly at, as I am not an expert.
If I were flying at 15,000 feet, I would probably cruise at 240 or 250 KIAS.

You were probably looking at TAS which stands for True Airspeed and it different compared to IAS. (indicated Airspeed.)

I’m not sure how to do the math to convert it, but what I do know is that I would fly my TBM-930 no faster than 225 knots IAS.

200kt IAS max if cruising at 28000ft or more.

What’s the fun in taking the TBM up so high? It’s more fun to handfly down low.

I like the view!

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