TBM challenge

What do you think my chances are of flying from JFK to Heathrow in the TBM without stopping? Optimum ascent rate, cruise speed and altitude?



Nah, you wont make it.

Unless You utilize some tailwinds that significantly speed You up, the chances are quite low…

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The Gulf Stream!

All depends on the winds…
My best guess …u won’t make it
But u can wait for a day that the tailwinds are rlly good and maybe just maybe you’ll make it

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I suggest getting an unrealistic amount of altitude gradually and then kill engine and glide as far as possible then restart engine and gradually climb again…lol good luck!


I like the sound of that, but in the TBM if you go over 20,000 ft it struggles

You can hit fl300 if you do a very gradual climb so idk


Here goes nothing. Hopefully no violations if it crashes while I’m asleep


Bring oxygen and possibly a parachute 😂


Parachutes are useless unless you want to meet your death slowly into the sea and drown. I won’t bring it lol @Franksaviation515


Try it out on casual then if it could happen

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That is a very good point only use it if your still near land lol but you wont be you will just feed the sharks 😂

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Just wait for a hurricane (that sounds messed up) and then try to get a boost…

General tips from experience:

  • TBM optimal altitude 28 000ft.
  • Use a small VS, to not waste fuel and to get up to the correct altitude.
  • Get the perfect weather conditions, AT LEAST no headwinds.
  • Cruising speed approx. 330 knots.
  • When You run out of fuel, try to find the best gliding velocity or angle. I don’t know the exact for the TBM, that requires research, which I am unable to do at the moment.
  • Avoid fuel wasting resources, unless needed, like flaps, spoilers, gear.
  • http://www.tbm.aero/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Daher-TBM-930-Essential-Guide_2017.pdf Is for more research on the TBM.

First, do it on casual.

Second, try to be as much awake as You can, especially 1700 nautical miles into Your journey…

Third, do more research, it’s better to find the correct flight plan, etc.


If it works go with the 172 next 😂


JFK to london is around 6-7 hours depending on the aircraft. These aircraft fly at around 0.85 mach speed. The max speed of a tbm is 611km/h which is around 0.5 mach. Note this is the max speed and not the cruise speed.

If you were to fly with the tbm and achieve such speed, it would take you far more hours than 7 if you had the fuel. Because the tbm doesnt have enough fuel for such a flight, you will have to manually attempt to glide the aircraft. Gliding the aircraft will, in the end, reduce the speed far less than 611km/h thus increasing the hours. You will need to be holding your device and manually flying for over around 5-6 hours (maybe more) after your engine cuts off due to lack of fuel.

Some facts:

The NM for the route between KJFK - EGLL is around 3000.

The maximum range of the TBM is around 1750. Which is no where near to 3000.

Heres a map showing the range of the aircraft from new york. Note the range on this is set to 1240NM instead of 1750.

Its is merely impossible to pull off such a flight without landing and refueling along the way.


I figured it out!
Just name your self TBM-930 on a long haul plane and you’ll make it.

Good luck


If only you could aerial refuel the tbm 😞

I’m going to see how far I get

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TBM can’t cruise anywhere near M0.85. Tops out at 390 knots TAS, service ceiling of FL310. They claim a range of 1750 nm, but that’s including reserves. It’s probably closer to 1250-1500 safely. A recent (filed, not WPT-EGLL) route from KJFK to EGLL came in above 3k nm. So…hope you like Greenland.