[TBM CELEBRATION] ATC Schedule • 29-30 Sep 18

To celebrate the release of Infinite Flight Update 18.5 we will be headed to the home N851TB! ATC will be manning Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean all weekend so grab your TBM930 and join us. There will be lots of great action and flash flights throughout the weekend!


Saturday and Sunday: KOPF MYNN TJSJ TFFF MMUN

TBM Celebration Weekend Event Details!

Do you want to be a part of this amazing ATC effort? Join here!


Cant wait Tyler! This is such a surprise :)

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Nice schedule for a Celebration!

Looks Great, might be one of the only times I’ll ever fly the TBM. (Not a GA fan… :P)

I’ll try to join in once I got the landings perfected ;)

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The Carribean , SoFlo and Cancun suits a party well both here and irl
Time to take those pics

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Wait, Tyler, I got a question…!

Does this change in schedule mean that IFATC won’t be controlling in the Middle East on Sunday as originally scheduled?
Also KMIA won’t be a featured Airport tomorrow (Saturday)?

We are basically mainly and only focusing on flying the TBM the whole weekend?

Oh my god, the entire release is made so well. Such fiting Events they Showcase the full Beauty of 18.5
So thankful for the work put into this Special update. I still cant believe how much fun the tbm is, will take some time to realize. Exited for 2 days of Steve o ;)

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Yes, that is correct! You’re welcome to utilize those previously highlighted airports still, and with two days of coverage I’d imagine Miami will still end up open. Releases are flexible so our scheduling had to be the same! Appreciate the understanding. 🙂


No worries, Love the idea of having the TBM in focus for a whole weekend. I’ll join in at somepoint tomorrow :)

Also squeezing in one Long Haul to Miami as well ;)

Thanks for a great Weekend Schedule, looking forward to it!


Can’t wait to both control and fly in this :)

Nice way to celebrate the update nice choice Tyler

I was thinking of a flight to do out of the Tampa area just now and look who happened to have operated this same flight just yesterday :)


From computing distances l have found statistically but not yet by aviating that the TBM can make it all the way south from KMIA to SEGS and SEST and North to CYQX, as well as to KPHX and maybe as far west as LAX if you all want to test it over the weekend !

I hope to make it !

My schedule:






Whoever IFAE-truearies is it was difficult trying to keep pace to your TBM in my 737…hope you appreciated that lol wingman at 30,000 feet. But also great job to the airtraffic controllers in cancun that was good work!


I’ll be there!

this must be interesting and I can’t wait for it. I want to fly again with TBM 930

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So the planned schedule is cancelled? I´m talking about the schedule with ATC in Dubai, Doha etc on Sunday.

Yes, that is correct.