[TBM CELEBRATION] ATC Schedule • 29-30 Sep 18

Hey Tyler,

Thanks for this amazing schedule also…

That banner is legendary - I’m just in love with it! :) - Great Work!

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Maybe Tyler, It would be good if you highlighted a post about the fact that the original schedule has been cancelled out due to the TBM Celebration, before more people begin wondering why ATC isn’t in ME tomorrow…? :/

As people tend to miss out that someone has asked the same question as they have and you’ve already answered once or twice.

Sorry for my late reply but will these airports be featured in the next schedule? Sorry if I’m getting on your nerves…

No, they will not be in the next schedule.


Watch out Opa Locka. The IFAE team is enroute from Cancun in the TBM. We’re about 30 aircraft deep in a line over 100nm long. But not to worry! IFAE upholds some of the highest piloting standards. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested. 🛫 🌎

With @art_martinez, @Nate_Schneller, @Doug_Hamilton, @Dan_Nutter, @Darius_Glover and a whole bunch more


there is not a new atc calendar from October 1-7?
or is it soon?🙂

Same thing every Sunday. It’ll be posted in a bit as we do each week! 🙂


Anyone up for a flight to tffj today?


I was planning to do it 🙂