TBM Autopilot fix

Operating system:
Good evening! I was flying from KMLT to KPWM as a test flight and noticed that the autopilot in the TBM would violently swing me right and left. I thought it was extreme turbulence but when I turned off the heading button on the autopilot, the plane went back to normal. I proceeded to reset the autopilot and there was no change from the violent action.

Morning @SGLR502

I’ll tried to replicate that behaviour, but there are some information missing.

  • in which flight phase did that happen? Climb, cruise, descent?
  • was that during or after course changes?
  • what was your speed/cruise speed
  • what was your vertical speed (if any)
  • hat was your KIAS

Could you replicate that behaviour? If so please take a screen shot of the HUD view.


This has been reported earlier.

I was able to reproduce the issue.
It’s currently being investigated.
Hopefully the cause, and a fix, will be found soon.

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I could email you a video of the situation, it’s hard to explain.

I’ve found in the past with solo mode that if you turn on 5x time the same problem would occur with the tbm.

Parameters have been tweaked and the issue has been fixed. :)
Just tried it with MTOW at FL300 and it’s a bit bouncy but not rocking.

She flys like a dream! Tysm!

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