TBM around the world trip

When the TBM first came out I set myself a goal to fly around the world, I wanted to fly around the perimeter of all major countries, at first I thought I would end up getting bored with it, but I’ve made it well over half way to this point which is surprising.
My plan was to start in my home country, Victoria-Australia, fly up through Australia, through Indonesia, over Japan and across to the USA, from there down the west coast to the bottom of South America and back up the east coast, over to Europe down the west and up the east side of Africa back over to Malaysia and down to home again, well I can say I’ve made it all the the way to the top of Europe, here are a few of my statistics on the performane of the TBM and a few map photos

Hours flown- 93.20
Kilometers flown- 52,110 km
Fuel used- 14,829 kilograms

I’ve taken a full photo of north and South America and then seperate photos of north and south for better better viewing


Amazing! Wish I had the determination it takes to do that. For now I’ll just stick to my overnight Ultra Long Haul’s.

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this will surely take a long time, you can look for someone who is interested in doing this with you when you decide to start your journey👌👌

I’ve already started, over half way

I already tried to do this once and I gave up, how much flights you make per day on this journey of getting around the world

I work full time so during the week try to fly a 3-4 hour leg daily and the days I’m not working anywhere from 6-10 hours

I’ve just taken the TBM from UK, down the west coast of Africa, across the Atlantic to South America, over to the west coast of South America before hopping across Island to Fiji. All I can say is you will encounter some incredible scenery and despite the lack of imagery right now, I found South America to be absolutely stunning with it’s beautiful topography. This continent is going to be incredibly popular when we have the imagery!

Good luck on your travels!

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you started when and how long do you think it will last

Wow…Thats amazing

Dean.Gibson I’m from South America, from São Paulo (Brazil), I can not wait for the day when we’ll have scenery

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