TBM and F16 almost collide on final at KAPA

Hello IFC, on the 19/10/19 an F16 (KINGKONG) and TBM (Project sunrise) almost collide on final at KAPA for runway 28. The TBM had just departed at the other side of the runway at the F16 was on final. The TBM bankes to the left and just mises the F16. The TBM pilot was @DeerCrusher with the F16 pilot @Luke_King-kong. The FAA are launching no investigation into the incident because it was the TMB pilots fault.

This was at @George_Flack Steel Deercrusers butter

Lol. This is only a laugh and the event was a blast.

@schyllberg your next on the list for the 02/11/19. 😏

Have a good day everyone!


This was on casual service.

Deercrusher in his 600 knot TBM…


I’m ready fir this. Ima go on casual to practice my 76F combat landings to get the cargo out. I use the 76F because it can climb like a fighter so I can get out before I get reported.


And here we sae a wild @DeerCrusher. Attempting to crash into its prey. The @DeerCrusher is a very aggressive creature, constantly shutting down topics and moderating others. The @DeerCrusher shares a relationship with the @Levet, known as “moderators.” This relationship tends to not end very well for the species known as “Rule Breakers.” When the @DeerCrusher and the @Levet find a Rule Breaker, it tends to not end well.

someone make a topic called IFC as a nature documentary


I’m afraid 2/11/19 has already gone 😔


Someone won’t touch a jet for a long time once he gets back to base…

This ICAO reminds me of something…

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In most parts of Europe it is common to write dates like that. It is actually at 2019-11-01T23:00:00Z

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