Tbm Alps flying

So i believe today was GA day in the IFATC schedule, so i decided to fly around the alps and do some T&G’s at a few different airports, i was flying the TBM and having a blast, for someone who loves flying across the globe, doing the odd GA flight is a different feeling. The total flight time was just under 2 hours, starting at LSGG then going to LFLY did a few T&G’s then proceeded to LFLJ which is a tricky airport to land at. Then proceeded to LIMF did a few T&G’s there then proceeded home back to LSGG. I took a few pictures along the way hope you enjoy 🙂

We picked up some random person and they took this picture of us waiting to line up and be cleared for takeoff

What can i say the person had some good sneak skills as i had no idea they placed a GoPro under my aircraft.

After takeoff i got bored put the plane on autopilot and went to take a picture out of the window of the scary scenery SPOOKY

The person had their GoPro on a swivel or something because it’s view changed from the first picture to this one. How it got passed me still has me wondering

They were scared they weren’t going to live so they called their friend and sent them this, i looked back laughed and uh almost crashed 😅

Again these people are training birds to fly really close to airplanes because the birds have cameras on them, all pilots be careful👍

I left the person fly the plane, gave them a 10 second tutorial on how to fly it. So i could snap a few pictures We didn’t crash or get ghosted to that’s a plus

On a low final, the person camera was swiveling all
over and they managed this beautiful picture.

Hope you all enjoyed my little story👍👍


Wow! Amazing! These are some of the best photos yet! Great job!

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Great photos, keep up the good work! :)

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Thank you👍 Means a lot hearing that


nice photos!

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Thank you👍

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

You should work on your security standards though😉/ ;)

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Hey😂 The plane wasn’t in jeopardy still wondering how they got it there🧐 But but it was a fun trip and spooky

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nice, we don’t have cockpit view very often

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Expect more once the C172 and the TBM have live cockpit🤯🤫

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Sure, whatever the pilot says!😉

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