TBM adventure (an IFATC at home tale)

Hello people, first of all I wanna have special thanks to all the IFATC controllers today. They did an amazing job controlling their home airport, they were extremely realistic as it were their home airports and they know everything about it.
I decided to hop around in a TBM for some patterns (gotta get my landings)
Enjoy these pictures, and I recommend flying to these airports as they are beautiful.

Airport 1:
Air Traffic Controller: @Edivan_dcds
airport: Amsterdam (What?? GA at Schiphol)

Airport 2:
Air Traffic Controller: @Joseph_Spinner
Airport: Key West

Airport 3:
Air Traffic Controller: @MrMrMan
Airport: Colorado Springs

Airport 4:
Air Traffic Controller: @Luke
Airport: East Midlands Airport

(The winds though)

Airport 5:
Air Traffic Controller: @Mauricio_B
Airport: SBCF

(Was a small event going on)

Thanks for viewing, feedback is always appreciated😊
Hope to see you in the skies soon🛫

have a nice day :)


Awesome shots! The TBM is a lot of fun!!!


Beautiful shots!

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Who doesn’t love the TBM? Nice little prop to fly.

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@NoahM, thanks😊. The TBM is indeed a lot of fun. Fastest GA aircraft out there

@LeonardIF18 thank you very much😊

@Lucas_Piedra its the best aircraft to fly patterns.🛫

And IFATC controllers, I enjoyed flying through your home airports. It was a true adventure. And thanks Tyler for organising this

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Awesome pictures mate!

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Thanks mate😃

@Mauricio_B is the controller in the 5th picture. Nice shots!


Nice pictures 👌.

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Thanks for the notice :)

@J2S thank you very much😊 🙏

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